WebPage 2022

A typical design based on horizontal bars.


The bars that make the page are separated

Each of the bar sections are coded as independent PHP files with their own dedicated external style sheets. Styles are not reused. Each file gets its own CSS – no sharing styles!

It has to look great on mobile devices

Using super-clean, commented code.

I look forward to professional, custom code

And working together on future updates and new projects.

Download and contact

Email the author of this project, paul.dolan@gmail.com with your proposal.

Download 3-page overview of project for a quick rundown. Get Web-Page-2022-Preview.pdf


For the excruciatingly detailed guide, you should get Web-Page-2022.pdf | If you want the guide and the asset files, download containing file: webpage2022.zip which has Web-Page-2022.pdf, as well as images, text, and links - all of the assets required for the job.