Simple enough to use...

I've tried a few templates from ThemeForest but they are too big, have too many pages, and the CSS seems needlessly complex.

I designed my Web Page 2022 project to be simple and modular. I've detailed each section to be coded and it's ready to go.

While this is just one page, it has a few features. There's an announcement bar that can display multiple messages. When you hover over the logo, an infocard pops up. Robust search function is provided by SiteSearch360. Click on the 'What's New' button and a non-modal window pops-up with a WUFOO form. And under the drop-down menu, an image slider shows graphics with text and buttons.

This is the page I want.

See more WebPage2022 details here.

The 3 pages shown here are an overview of the project; download Web-Page-2022-Preview.pdf